MyCore Personnel

The staff of MyCore has extensive expertise in alpha spectrometry and in the application of this technique to 210Pb analysis and radiometric dating. This expertise can be demonstrated in the ways that are listed below.

  1. MyCore has performed many accurate and precise measurements of 210Pb and 210Po on standard reference materials (SRMs). These SRM measurements agree with the international consensus values and demonstrate that MyCore's measurements are consistent with other laboratories.
  2. MyCore uses well-tested procedures in their lab work. These procedures have been used to analyze 210Pb in more than 150 cores, with several thousand samples and related quality control samples during the past 4 years. These cores have come from a diversity of different environments; from the Canadian arctic to the high Andes Mountains. As a result of the diverse and extensive experience, MyCore staff can anticipate and resolve many problems that might occur before the analysis of an individual core is begun.
  3. The principal scientist for MyCore, Dr Jules Blais is working with MyCore Scientific Inc to continue on the work originally done by Dr Jack Cornett. Dr Cornett passed away in October of 2017.
  4. The head of the radiochemical laboratory for MyCore, Linda Kimpe and her staff, have over 20 years of experience performing several thousand analyses of 210Pb and 210Po using the protocols that will be applied in the laboratory.
  5. MyCore staff have published over 50 peer reviewed papers on various aspects of environmental chemistry and radiochemistry in scientific journals and they have made more than 100 invited technical presentations at international conferences and scientific workshops. These papers demonstrate that MyCore staff have continually developed new application 210Pb dating and other radiochemical techniques in environmental science. Examples of specific publications and presentations on 210Pb dating include:


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During the past 20 years, MyCore has performed 210Pb dating for more than 150 clients in all areas of environmental studies. More than 50% of MyCore’s clients do repeat business with the company. More than 75% of MyCore’s new clients are referred to the company by other satisfied clients. We are proud of our reputation and strive to provide quality service to ensure that every project is successful for our customers.