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The pricing for 210Pb analyses is available by contacting MyCore Scientific Inc. Generally pricing is per analysis and usually it takes 12 to 20 analyses over a 20 to 40 cm long core to accurately date a core.  More detailed instructions for sample preparation can be obtained by contacting MyCore.


Payment Option

Payment can be made by cheque to MyCore Scientific Inc.


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Contact Us / Sending Samples

Skype name: Janice Lardner (jrlardner) in Ottawa, ON

Whatsapp: Jan Lardner 1-613-297-0098

Whatsapp: Linda Kimpe 1-613-818-5916


Sending samples, DECLARE AS CRUSHED ROCK, NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, to the address below:

MyCore Scientific Inc

4218 Armitage Ave

Dunrobin, Ontario

K0A 1T0


Turn Around and Receiving Data


When your samples have arrived, they are logged in and submitted to the lab. From this date, the turn around time for receiving the dating profile is approximately 3-4 months. If you are sending a very large batch of cores (more than 3 cores), the turn around may be a bit longer depending on our queue.


Please note the lab is closed during the following dates: Easter, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day (CDN), Remembrance Day, and Dec 22 thru Jan 3.


Please send all invoices, cheques and information to:

MyCore Scientific Inc

Janice Lardner

4218 Armitage Ave

Dunrobin, Ontario

K0A 1T0

PH & Fax: 613 297 0098 (To send a fax, please call first)